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First blog and introduction

Hello, my name is Eric Vogel.  I am a practicing dentist in Provo Utah and have been in practice for about 26 years now (Since 1988).  During those 26 years I have always taught pre-dental students at the local university and that has been a source of great joy for me.  During those 26 years I have done thousands of hours of continuing education and tried to put into practice many of the things that I have learned.

In this blog I hope to share practical things that I have learned or invented that have helped me in my practice and have helped me to improve the quality of care that I provide.  Teaching has always brought me great joy because I feel like I am helping others.  At this point in my life I find that helping others is a lot of what life is about.

In the upcoming posts some of the topics I will cover topics will include:

  • Having an amazing new patient exam
  • Building your practice from within
  • Ideal day planning
  • Managing you online presence
  • Things that you can do to avoid embezzlement in your practice
  • Effective morning huddles
  • Ideal oral health care visits with your dental hygienists
  • Taking great alginate impressions
  • Pouring up bubble free models
  • Taking consistent quality radiographs
  • Enhancing your practice with photography
  • Making beautiful, durable temporary crowns
  • Choosing a material for your crowns
  • Taking perfect final crown and bridge impressions
  • Taking complex final impressions for full rehab cases
  • Making the most versatile bite splint: the anterior flat plane appliance
  • A simply way to determine centric relation
  • When and why to use an articulator and how to use it
  • Predictable, tight contacts on class II resin restorations
  • Making your posterior resins fit better and have less sensitivity
  • Two cord technique for crown and bridge
  • Determining where to place the margin for final restorations
  • Smile analysis for smile makeovers
  • How to use your digital SLR camera
  • Simple sinus elevation for anterior implants
  • Protocol for removing wisdom teeth that speeds up the procedure and decreases pain and swelling
  • How to do great shade selection
  • Using composite to close anterior diastemas
  • Using wax ups to treatment plan complex cases
  • Minor orthodontic movements using clear retainers
  • Preventing bone loss around implants
  • etc.
Some of these topics will be of value to your assistants, others will be of greater value to the dentist.   I hope to include photos, short video clips and descriptions.  

I have always tried to provide the best care to my patients that I was capable of.  When I have combined this with some financial wisdom I have found that dentistry has provided me a comfortable income.  Putting patients first has always been my goal.  I hope that my blog posts reflect that philosophy.

As you read I will welcome your comments and thoughts about the topics presented because, together we are smarter than any one of us is alone.  If you have suggestions on topics that you would like to have me address I welcome those suggestions as well.  I hope that the content of this blog helps you to provide great care to your patients and improves your overall job satisfaction.

Eric Vogel DDS

Resume for Eric Vogel

Eric G. Vogel, DDS
·              Objective
·            Experience

  • Doctor of Dental Science (DDS) from Creighton University, Omaha Nebraska, USA, 1988.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Zoology from Brigham Young University. (BYU) Provo, Utah, 1984.  I completed my four-year degree in two years.
  • Practicing dentist 1988 to present. Provo Utah, USA.
  • Member of American Dental Association, Utah Dental Association, and Provo District dental Society
  • Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry.  This organization focuses on the highest standards of continuing education.
  • Part time professor in the Department of biology at BYU 1992 till present.
  • Adjunct professor at BYU in the Department of Biology from 1988 to 1992.
  • Member of the Academy of Dentistry International. Membership is open to dentists who have demonstrated excellence in their careers. 2006
  •  Delegate to the Utah Dental Association since 1995.  This is a policy- making body for the state dental association.
  • Clinical Research Associates (CRA) evaluator.  A group of 400 dentists worldwide who research and review new dental products for efficacy. 2000-present
  • Co-developer and member of the board of directors of the Aribex dental x-ray system.  This is the world’s first portable x-ray source developed for use on humans
  •  Author of textbook for young dentists preparing for dental school currently in use at BYU and universities around the country.
  • FAGD Academy of General Dentistry, 2011,  Continuing education award given less than 1% of dentists for commitment to continuing education
  • President of Provo District Dental society, 2011-2012
  •  Nominated to International college of dentists 2012:  Honor reserved for highest achieving dentists
  •  Nominated to Pierre-Fauchard dental society 2012;  Another society recognizing highest achieving dentists
  • Faculty club member Spear dental education., a group that educates about 2000 of the top clinicians in the world
  • Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Peer review editor for AGD journal “General Dentistry”

  •  Founder and President of “Share a Smile” foundation.  This organization is dedicated to providing education and dental care among the less fortunate.
  • Leader of humanitarian dental expeditions to Bolivia, Mexico, Malaysia, Russia, China , Belarus and Morocco and Navajo nation.
  • Since 2001, I and others have organized local dentists and gone with them providing comprehensive dental care every month among the poor here in our community.
  • In 2008 My organization built a full service dental; charity clinic in association with the Food and Care Coalition.  Dentists from throughout the area now come there to provide care for the poor.
  • Currently building a second charity clinic in American Fork, Utah, to be completed in May in partnership with Henry Schein international.

Full time Volunteer work
  • 1980-1982       Bolivia Santa Cruz

  • Four-year Regional Dental Education Program scholarship to Creighton University Dental School 1984-1988.
  • Full tuition leadership scholarship to Brigham Young University.

  • Scouting Second Miler award 1999.   Given for outstanding service by the Boy Scouts of America.
  • State Points of Light Service award 2003:  given by Governor Leavitt of Utah.
  • National Points of Light service award 2004: given by President George W. Bush.
  •  Honored Alumni Brigham Young University 2004.  Given for recognition of excellence by the Department of Biology once annually
  • Presidential Bronze and Silver service awards 2005.  Presented by President George W. Bush and Governor Mike Leavitt for service given
  • Brigham award 2006. Given by Brigham Young University for outstanding service among faculty members.  One of six awards given annually at BYU
  •  LDS Academy of Dentists Humanitarian Award 2007.  Recognizes outstanding service among academy dentists, one or two awards annually
  • Utah Dental Association Life Time Service Award 2007.  Highest award given by the dental association
  • Named Best Dentist of the Year 2008: Utah County, Daily Herald polls
  • Dentist of the Year, Academy of General Dentistry, Utah chapter 2009
  •  FAGD Academy of General Dentistry 2011:  Award given to less than 1% of dentists recognizing achievements in continuing education
  • Nominated to International College of Dentists 2012: Society that recognizes highest achieving dentists
  • Nominated to Pierre Fauchard Academy 2012:  Society recognizing highest achieving dentists
  • Named Best Dentist of the Year: 2012:  Utah County, Daily Herald polls


Spending time with my wife and eight children
Running: Successful completion of twelve marathons (including Boston) plus and ultra marathon of 56 miles
Languages:  English (Native), Spanish (fluent), Russian, French and Mandarin Chinese (intermediate)
Scouting, camping, outdoor activities, Gardening

I am an cancer survivor, 2 1/2 year now.  Osteogenic osteosarcoma of the right mandible.  It has been a difficult and interesting journey.

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